What Comes To Mind?

by Karl Bastian Discipleship Add comments

bibledisciple.jpg When you hear the word “DISCIPLESHIP”, what comes to mind?

It is a broad term that carries many different meanings to different people. I’m not looking for “right or wrong” answers, just what comes to mind? Just the first thing that POPS into your mind.

Post in comments please, just a sentence or two. 

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One Response to “What Comes To Mind?”

  1. jen Says:

    A disciple is more than the name “Christian”. We have a lot of people that bear the name of Christ, but wear it comfortably and beyond a belief system, Christianity often means very little. It’s a step up from belief into believing Christ SO MUCH that our whole life pursuit is to be like Jesus and do what he did.

    Craig Groeschel from http://www.lifechurch.tv did a really awesome series on what it means to be a disciple. You can watch it online. Here are some of the highlights:
    A disciple:
    1) Does what Jesus says to do… just because he said it. Luke 5:11
    2) Doing what Jesus did means that disciples touch lepers Mark 1:40
    3) A disciple befriends sinners Matt 9:11-13
    4) A disciple will most likely offend “Pharisees” Luke 13:10-14
    5) A Disciple washes feet.
    6) A disciple goes fishing for other people to disciple. They do life together not just as curriculum, but in living life, eating together, having true community, bearing one another’s burdens. They do life with a focus on the eternal.
    7) The disciple must have a personal relationship with Christ, but we are not supposed to keep it private. Disciples should serve God together as well.
    8) A disciple of Jesus goes out. Great Commission. Why do we always want to bring lots of people to church when Jesus said to Go out? What would happen if disciples viewed themselves as missionaries? Missions isn’t about a trip. It’s about be a “sent one” with a simple message and deep compassion. A beautiful combination of truth and grace to reach a lost world.

    As we partner with parents to disciple kids, RELATIONSHIP is essential. The 2 greatest commandments are based on relationship. 1) Love God. 2) Love People.

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