What If Jesus Visited Your Church?

“He’s Here,” stammered a volunteer who had tracked me down in the resource room making some photo copies. “Who?” I asked, sensing it was someone of great importance. Out of breath, all she could say was, “Him,” as she grabbed my arm and led me toward the rear entrance of the church. When I got there I joined others who stood there simply starring unsure how they should respond. There He was. It was as though one of those Sunday School posters had come to life; The long white robe, blue sash, warm smile and eyes that radiated a peace beyond description.

After stuttering through an awkward greeting, I asked the Master if He would like a tour of our children’s ministry. He simply nodded as I began to lead him around the church. Classes, already in session, hardly noticed my Guest as I lead Him through the hallways. I showed him our themed children’s ministry with murals and three-dimensional decorations. I showed him the video game consuls and the highlight videos playing on mounted flat screen monitors. I took him into our children’s church room that soon would be filled with children. I pointed out the projector and screen, the puppet stage, the sound booth and the prize store. After showing him all the rooms and ways we had invested to draw children and families to our church I concluded the tour out on the Noah’s Ark themed playground. After an awkward silence, the Teacher finally spoke.

“It is clear to me from all you have shown me that this is a place where children are loved and where you are willing to do much to creatively draw them to My house. But there is only one thing I have come to see. Please show me my disciples.”

I stammered, “What do you mean? We have led many children to You, and even now they are learning much about You and Your Father’s Word. Among these children, many of them are your disciples, my Lord.”

His next words were spoken with gentleness and love, but still ring in my ears. “You are doing many good things here, but I only asked you to do one thing. Go and make disciples.” And then He was engulfed in blinding light and vanished. The light continued to grow until I realized it was the early morning son awakening me on a Sunday morning.

At church that day I was in a daze as I looked over our happy children, so busy playing, learning and laughing. I kept asking myself, “Which were His disciples? Could I know?” I realized that Sunday I was not asked to draw children, teach children, or even save children. The Great Commission was to go into all the world and make disciples. Never again would I be content unless were Jesus to visit again, I could answer, “This one, my Lord, and that boy over there, and that girl sitting there.” I was done merely reaching and teaching children, from now on, my driving passion is to make disciples.

Jesus said to MAKE DISCIPLES… Are we? Could we point out His disciples to Him if He visited our church?

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