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thot.gifSitting in a workshop today in Little Rock, Arkansas I heard a brilliant thought as to why people leave the church. It is really a revolutionary thought. I think it is something that everyone will benefit from once they wrap their brain around it…seriously it’s good.

Before I share the idea I want to ask a question: Do you know what is expected of you by the church? I think most of us can come up with a list of general expectations that come from the church. Stand up when everyone else does, pay your tithe, sing loud, be nice, Love God, Accept Jesus – so on and so forth. We know what the church expects of us; know the expectations are helpful – but knowing the expectations without knowing how to do the expectations will bring frustration and failure.

That was the brilliant thought – WE TEACH IDEAS WITHOUT GIVING PRACTICAL WAYS TO DO THEM! Tell parents that they must disciple their kids – but do we tell them how? We tell kids they need to be a disciple – but do we tell them how? If we aren’t giving tools for parents, teachers and kids what those things mean or how to do them then it’s never going to happen. Why�

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