T-i-m-e: Every kid’s love language. (part 2)

The story continues… (from part 1)

Within two days, I was able to catch up with the girl that I hadn’t had time for. I was so busy “ministering” to all of the kids that I didn’t have time to actually “reach” one child.

I started the conversation by saying, “I’m so sorry that I didn’t connect with you on Wednesday. What you are thinking about is very important to me. Is there any chance that you still remember the question that you wanted to ask me?”

She was wide-eyed. “I can’t believe you remembered, she said. That was like, DAYS ago.” (It was only 2 days, but still she was glad that I remembered.)

I was prepared for any type of question she might ask from “What kind of toothpaste do you use?” to “Can we sing a different song next week?”)

“Oh, ya. She continued. Um, I know that Jesus died on the cross to save us, but WHY is that what God (the Father) wanted him to do? Why was that the price he had to pay?”

WOW! I was so glad that I didn’t miss this opportunity to share this with her.

I shared the scripture with her and followed up with a letter so that she could look it up for herself.

Here are my questions:

1) Are you willing to admit to the kids in your ministry that you have messed up? That you’ve missed a very important chance to connect with them?

2) If we (our ministry teams) had the ability to follow up like this with every child in our ministries, what would disipleship look like in our churches? How would this affect the “Church” at large?

3) Do you agree with the following statement: “When it comes to discipleship, relationship is everything.”

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