FREE Training Remedy Book (limited time)

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Your Training Remedy, by Judy Wortley, a classic children’s ministry leadership resource, helps you develop a consistent and well-planned program of teacher training that motivates, encourages, and informs your volunteers.

Inspire teachers to be and do their best!

For a LIMITED TIME – through the END OF JANUARY – this downloadable book is your for FREE! It will be $9.95 in just a few days!


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Peer Pressure in Third Grade

by Karl Bastian Family, Parenting

The David C. Cook Landmark Study asked children’s leaders what the top challenges are for children in grades 3,4 and 5.  Peer pressure (56%) topped the list, followed by their need to develop friends (45%) and surprisingly dealing with self-image, how others see them (35%).  Children fear failure, even as young as 6.  They worry about not achieving what their parents and teachers expect.  They are also biblically illiterate.

Teachers gave only 7% of their upper elementary children the grade of ‘A’ in Bible knowledge; ‘B’ (47%); ‘C’ (38%); ‘D’ (7%); ‘F’ (1%).  Many do not live in what was once considered a traditional household.  Some have no active male role model in their homes, and VBS week may be the only time they get to interact with men who are father and grandfather-ages.  Some live in skipped-generation households, homes headed by grandparents raising children’s children. (Christian retailing 11/10/08)

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Part the Sea!

by DiscipleLand Staff DiscipleLand Products

DiscipleLand has released another giant banner for your children’s ministry. In addition to the Noah Banner already blogged about, they have now released a beautiful banner of Moses parting the Red Sea.

DiscipleLand is known for its eye-popping artwork, and now you can start to make your rooms or hallways as attractive as your student guides.

Custom sizes are possible, it just need to be proportionally equivalent and must be ordered by phone at 800-284-0158. For 5′x8′ banners ORDER TODAY!

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