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We always enjoy getting feedback from our customers. This note that just came in made our day:

I had a discovery today! You have put the Dee-Cy-Paul stories on there as a printable resource.  Very cool!  Thank you! Would you believe that I had 5 guys not too long ago huddled around my laptop reading a few of these stories from the disciplezone site?  It was moving to behold.  I always envisioned this piece to be done at home via online.  It never occurred to me that it could be used in class… these stories beautifully apply the lesson to a kid’s world.

A Big Heartfelt Thank You for continuing to fulfill the vision that God has given you.  We’ve only used the curriculum since September 2007 but I truly appreciate your company and I thank God for you.  All of our teachers are growing in their teaching gift and I know God has used your material to inspire them in their ministry to the children. It is a great feeling to know that our kids are being fed such nutritous food thanks to the DiscipleLand curriculum.  Keep up the good work.  God is doing far more than you may know.  Stay faithful.

Be encouraged, Your co-laborer,
Pastor Brian

For more information on how can enrich your teaching experience see: Using the Internet to Connect with Kids via

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