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We just had KidzTurn here at McArthur for 4 days and while they were here I hung out at Starbucks with Sam Lussier a couple days. Same and I got to talking about the great technology stuff out there which lead us to talking about iPhones. Here is a piece of technology along with many other types of Smart Phones where the technology has grown super fast but it tends to be handicapped.

Why? Because of battery technology.

Yes, see while people have developed the smart phones by making them more powerful, smaller, more tricks, fancier designs and the list goes on and on, the batteries that power these wonderful tools, gadgets, toys, life lines, electronic leashes whatever you may call them have not kept up with the same pace. Actually in many ways battery technology has not developed a lot in comparison to the smart phones they power since they hit the market powering the first cell phone.

This made me start thinking, how many of us in ministry, in our careers etc. have added some great external tools, skills, schooling, paychecks, homes, cars and so forth but our “Battery” (our inner life, our walk with God) has not kept up. We are walking iPhones with the looks and abilities of a 1000 people but we are only able to truly last for a few hours a day or a year or two where we are in our job because our battery keeps given out. Families falling apart, divorces taking place, infidelity, unfaithfulness, confusion, sicknesses, and I am sure you can fill the blank with even more ways than what i have mentioned here.

So then we move to what I did with my iPhone, I bought a car charger. So now as I travel in the car I plug in my iPhone for a quick charge, or as I sit at my desk I charge my phone. Yes this is great and a good idea if I say so myself. But what is the core problem that I am only disguising by running these quick little many charges?

The BATTERY. How is your battery? Your personal life with Jesus? If we don’t continue to develop our life with Jesus we may have all the fancy stuff, leisure’s of life, but we will have to acknowledge that even with the quick little stops into church, quick listen to a sermon podcast etc, that ultimately it will not keep. My phone stills gets uncharged, runs out on me during busy days where I could not charge it as much.

Bottom line I have an incredible phone, the battery is just not equipped to run it to it’s full potential. How is your battery? Has your life with God privately kept up with your life that you live on the outside? Stop now and determine you will change that before you only end up with a ton of un-powered potential.

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