Children’s Ministry: Next generation ‘iGeneration’

According to a report released by USA Today, digital gear sets this new group apart, even from their tech-savvy Millennial elders who among the oldest are approaching 30. They want to be constantly connected.

One thing is for certain … the iGeneration is digital and those in children’s ministry need to think about this new generation if they want to build relationships, stay in touch and be relevant. One example of how curriculum publishers are addressing this trend is the synergy of traditional published curriculum and online interactive church-parent-student websites.

• 35% of those ages 6 months to 3 years have a TV in their bedroom
• 10% ages 4-8 have a computer in their bedroom
• 51% of those ages 9-12 have a cell phone
• 73% ages 12-17 use social networks; 28% share content; 14% blog; 8% Twitter and 93% use a desktop or laptop to go online

• Early introduction to technology
• Adeptness at multitasking
• Desire for immediacy
• Ability to use technology to create a vast array of content

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