Ideas for Parents- Leading Children to Love God’s Word

My husband and I want to lead our children to love God’s Word. We want our girls (ages 4 1/2 months, 3yrs and 6 1/2 yrs) to love it, understand it, apply it, memorize it, speak it out loud with confidence, and run to it to find answers to their questions. We’re right in the middle of the high demands of parenting young ones, but this is an area that is going pretty well. Believe me, we’re not perfect, so as you read on, keep in mind that we do this to the best of our ability- and our little angels are, well,  not always angelic. But they DO love their Bibles.

Here are a few easy things that we do at our house to lead our own kids to love God’s Word:

1. Jeremy (my husband) leads a quick devotion with our oldest 2 every night at bedtime. They’ve gone through the Pray and Play Bible volumes 1 & 2, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and The Adventure Bible Storybook,  We recommend them all. Each night, they read one story and pray together. (More on prayer later).

2. Monday mornings- “Tea and Bible Reading” wth Mommy. I know this sounds a little corny and old-fashioned, but it works for my girls. This is a special time with me. We sit at the breakfast table with a pot of winter spice tea, sugar, and a highlighter.  They LOVE the highlighter part… and the sugar part. I set the table before they wake up and pick a verse or a story to read. We highlight it and talk about how we can apply it to our lives. It’s quick, meaningful and they love it. We always end with a quick prayer and we say “Thank you God for giving us your Word. Thank you that it is true.”

3. Environment- We have worship DVD’s and CD’s playing in our house and car pretty often. I usually pop in a Hillsongs Kids DVD or Yancy’s Preschool Praise Party DVD for a little while during the day. It sets a great tone in our home. Our kids also love all of the Seeds Family Worship songs. We play these in the car a lot and our kids are learning Bible verse and developing a biblical worldview simply through our environment

When teaching young kids to love God’s word, have fun with it. Make it special. Get in a  routine. Set the tone.

So what do you do at home? Do you have any tips or resources to add to this list to help other parents lead kids to love God’s Word?

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