Making Good Decisions

Teaching good decision-making skills is a big parenting responsibility. Helping children to learn and think about making good decisions is one of the most important skills your ministry can provide. The following may help you train your kids to make good decisions.

Training Tips:

• Teach by example

• Teach “How To Make Good Choices

• Teach children to not make “knee-jerk” decisions

• Teach kids a decision-making process.

Tom Peters teaches to “Fail fast, learn fast, fix fast.” Kids (and parents) need to understand the situation/problem, consider other options, understand the consequences, make a decision, and review and learn from the outcome of their decision. Remember, kids learn from trial and error – failures can lead to better solutions.

If you disciple your kids by giving them the tools, tips, and training they need to make good decisions, they’ll use them as they grow in His grace and truth (Proverbs 22:6).

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