New Discipling Approaches in 2011?

by Karl Bastian Discipleship

You often hear marketing phrases like “We are rethinking children’s ministry” or “we’ve discovered a totally new approach to kidmin” and I supposed as times change and people change, we need to adapt and adjust in order to stay relevant and current…

But when it comes to discipleship… is the same true? Read the rest of this entry »


Big Things Come In Little Packages

by Mark Steiner Children's Church, Curriculum, Discipleship, Family

Carefully wrapped presents—family gatherings—festive ornaments—friends—colorful lights—fellowship—carols—and food! It’s almost Christmas. We love this time of year!

Believers celebrate December 25th as the day when, perhaps more than at any other time, we think of Him. His name is on our lips—Jesus. But what does His name mean? —Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. Yeshua means “Salvation.” Read the rest of this entry »

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