God’s Blueprint for Children’s Ministry

A Lasting Foundation

If you’ve ever watched a house being built, you know that blueprints are essential. Blueprints contain plans that fully describe the quality and specifications of the materials – including the foundation.

The quality and strength of a foundation determines the quality and strength of everything built upon it. The same is true for children’s ministry. A ministry built on a sub-standard foundation will never reach God’s intended purpose.

If you want to build a healthy, life-changing, Christ-honoring children’s ministry, you must invest time in laying a Biblically solid foundation.

When we build our ministries God’s way, we will enjoy years of effective, successful ministry. So, be careful to build according to the Master’s plan.

Build To Last

A proven blueprint to disciple kids, DiscipleLand’s all-inclusive Children’s Discipleship System ensures that children achieve balanced growth in Bible knowledge, Christ-like character, and faithful conduct—everything kids need to live as devoted Christ-followers. Order your Fall 2011 Curriculum Today and build a lasting, eternal foundation.


A complete, discipleship-centered Bible learning system for preschool children ages 3-5. With 8 Old Testament quarters and 8 New Testament quarters, your kids will embrace the Bible like never before. Learn More >>


For children ages 5-6, your children will meet more than 48 different Bible personalities as they discover that Jesus is the special Hero who fulfilled God’s plan to rescue them from sin. Learn More >>


Choose from 3 great elementary product lines – helps kids apply God’s Word in their everyday situations. Learn More >>

Kids Church

A 100% downloadable children’s church curriculum for elementary-age kids, DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical “Disciple Skills”. Learn More >>

Free Download

“Design Your MasterPlan” provides 5 steps that will help you plan, prepare, and implement a successful ministry for kids. Free and immediate download >>

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