Children’s Ministry: Secret to Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting Tip

People don’t buy bulbs, tires, or cars. We buy light, safety, and experiences.

When recruiting volunteers, how you position your ministry is important. For instance, you could say, “We need your help with the kids today.” Or you might try, “Did you know that nearly 50% of all Americans who accept Jesus as their Savior do so before reaching the age of 13? We need two leaders willing to make an eternal difference in the hearts and lives of kids.”

Which appeal sounds more compelling to you? Motivate your people by emphasizing the eternal benefits.

Training Resources

The following proven training resources can help you recruit, motivate, and train your teachers and volunteers.

In Step With The Master Teacher

This training resource on CD-ROM from BCM International is the ultimate tool for preparing and training teachers for children’s ministry. You’ll get 22 hours of biblical, integrated teacher training, including fully-scripted training notes, reproducible worksheets, and full-color visuals for printing or PowerPoint projection. Learn more …

Your Training Remedy

This downloadable resource by Judy Wortley, helps you develop a consistent and well-planned program of teacher training that motivates, encourages, and informs your volunteers. Inspire teachers to be and do their best! Learn more …

Your Recruiting Remedy

In Your Recruiting Remedy, you’ll learn field-tested recruiting strategies that really work! Take a fresh look at the recruiting process to find techniques that will help you succeed! A downloadable resource by Judy Wortley. Learn more …

Free Resource

Prepare Your Preschoolers is a must read for anyone involved in children’s ministry. Discover how you can encourage your kids to remain steadfast and keep growing in knowledge, character, and conduct! Click here for an immediate download.

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