How to Disciple Your Children

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Walter A. Henrichsen writes, “Discipling must begin with our children if it is ever to affect the rest of our culture. Before we go looking for people to disciple, we should start with our own families. For a few short years, God has entrusted our children to our care. Whether for good or bad, we will mark them for eternity.”

The Bible directs us to: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Our primary goal is for our kids to love God – for them to learn to know Him, walk with Him and serve Him.

So, how do we begin discipling our children? Here are a few key principles that work!

Know God Intimately

God has given parents primary responsibility for the spiritual training of their children. But many parents don’t know where to begin. Proverbs 1:7 offers an insight: without knowledge and fear of the Lord, children cannot learn anything worthwhile. Education begins with the pursuit of God—who He is and what He is like.

Many children have only a vague understanding of God’s true nature. They have been exposed to ideas about God that may not match what the Bible says. Your kids can know God intimately. Introduce them to the Lord’s character and qualities. Explore each facet of His magnificent perfection!

Love God Passionately

Jesus summed up all 613 Old Testament laws into two: love God and love people (Mark 12:30-31). But beware of the simplicity of Jesus’ words. To love God with ALL the heart, soul, mind, and strength does not mean “business as usual.” Loving God demands effort, action, and passion.

Most children today love peer approval more than they love God. They are more concerned about “fitting in” than they care about being set apart for God’s special purpose. Your kids can love God passionately. Encourage them to enjoy His presence moment-by-moment throughout the day. Determine not to lose touch with God’s Spirit. Express adoration and delight in unbroken communion with Him!

Serve God Selflessly

Most kids serve themselves before they consider the needs of others. Selfishness is natural—part of being human. But God extends a higher calling to His followers. The Lord challenges Christians to demonstrate faithful conduct that honors God and helps people. This requires supernatural strength from the indwelling Christ (Galatians 2:20).

Lift your child’s eyes from his or her own interests to see the world from God’s point-of-view. Christ has promised to meet all our needs (Philippians 4:19). That is His job. Our job is to walk by faith, serving Him in all we do. Your kids can serve God selflessly. They will usually follow the example of their parents and influential teachers. When you model selflessness, your children will respond in kind!

Celebrate God’s Greatness Together

God is the focus of the entire universe. He enjoys being Lord of the heavens and the earth! God also deserves to occupy the central focus in the minds, hearts, and souls of every human being. Life begins and ends with Him. Determine to know God on a more intimate basis each year. The better you know Him, the better you and your children will be prepared to face life’s challenges. Celebrate God’s greatness together!

Build To Last

A proven blueprint to disciple kids, DiscipleLand’s all-inclusive Children’s Discipleship System ensures that children achieve balanced growth in Bible knowledge, Christ-like character, and faithful conduct—everything kids need to live as devoted Christ-followers. Order your Fall 2011 Curriculum Today and build a lasting, eternal foundation.

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7 Responses to “How to Disciple Your Children”

  1. Sharon Bennett Says:

    I have grandchildren who live far from me who do not attend church. They are interested in spiritual things. What would you recommend for me to buy for them so they can learn more about God, His Word, and being discipled. I believe their dad would study this with them. Ages are 7 and 11. Thank you, Sharon Bennett

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you for contacting us concerning your interest in materials for your grandchildren. Because of their ages 7 and 11, I would suggest you take a look at our Adventure Series to start with.

    The My Awesome Adventure is a study of the Christian basics and can be used as a self study or with a mentor.

    Your can check it out more closely at this link:

    If you scroll down the page and click on “Syllabus” you can view the titles of each of the 12 lessons. Then, if you click on “samples” you can view a lesson to see how the lessons are laid out and what is included.

    If they can play a DVD, the “My Big Screen Adventure” would also be a great study. They would be learning all about Jesus as the study and the DVD goes through the life of Christ. You may view it at this link:

    I hope this will give you some ideas. We are always happy to answer your questions, so please contact us by email or phone.

    God bless you in your ministry to your family.

    Have a glorious day.

  3. Glenda McMath Says:

    We are missionaries and speak in a different church each Sunday – and when we move overseas we will be attending a foreign language church to become immersed in the culture. We want our kids to be growing in their relationship with God and knowledge of the Word. However, much of what I find a the bookstores is not comprehensive, doesn’t focus on application, or is over their head. They are ages 5 & 8. How could I use your curriculum on a devotional basis with our children?

  4. admin Says:

    Hello Glenda,

    Thank you for your interest in DiscipleLand Curriculum.

    We have many families using DiscipleLand with their children.

    Your 5 year old could begin with the Kindergarten material and would spend the year going from Genesis to Revelation, studying the Hero’s of the Bible. You can view this curriculum at:

    Downloading the free samples will help you determine if this is the best place to start based on your child’s reading and writing skills.

    For your 8 year old, you have several options.

    The Adventure Series is designed to use as a self study or with a mentor. You may view the 4 Adventures at this link:

    Or you might consider the Core Bible and begin at level 2 or 3:

    Each year your child will continue to build precept-upon-precept as they move up through the levels.

    You can download free sample lessons or order a catalog for all of the above here:

    As you review our website you will see that we are serious about our mission to provide solid discipleship curriculum for kids.

    If you need more information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have,

    God bless you as you minister to your precious children.

  5. BernadetteFrancis Says:

    God bless this ministry for his glory and honour.

  6. chris turner Says:

    I am so grateful to all here who take this seriously. I have four kids and desire so much that they respond to God’s love with nothing less than full submission and surrender to Him. I recently started using Francis Chan’s Crazy Love as a teaching guide and it has been great so far. I recomend this and our kids are young but it has truly helped them grasp how wide, deep the love of Christ is.

  7. Rosaline Valentine Says:

    Thank you so much for the help you give me each week I’m new at being a sunday school teacher for the small children and I love it evev though I only get 1-3 babys at a time but I do know that God is using me to help with building His Kingdom So I like take this time to say bless you all and thank you in Jesus name

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