Changing the World Begins with our Children

Imagine having young believers who:

  • Understand and embrace the Biblical basis for missions.
  • Genuinely care about people everywhere who await the life-giving Gospel message.
  • Are ready to follow Christ wherever He leads.

To become fully equipped disciples, young believers need consistent, clear, and systematic instruction. Children’s workers have only 1-3 hours per week to influence young hearts and minds for God’s glory. Unless churches proactively insert missions education, children miss this essential component.

DiscipleLand’s Core Bible curriculum systematically integrates world missions throughout its scope-and-sequence. During grades 1-6, children are equipped with a Biblical world-view and challenged to make a difference on a global level. WorldWatch includes three components:

  1. Missions Education: Kids examine one foundational missions education concept each year. World-missions principles are integrated into all 24 Core Bible curriculum themes. Children are introduced to one world-view truth during every lesson (288 in all).
  2. Missionary Biography: Students relive an exciting missionary biography (or 12 vignettes) each quarter. Life stories of these missionaries unfold through all twelve lessons.
  3. Hidden People: Kids explore the culture and needs of one unreached people group for an entire quarter at

Core Bible is a complete, discipleship-centered Bible learning system for elementary children ages 6-14. Through 24 quarters of sequential learning, your kids will grow in Bible knowledge, Christlike character, and faithful conduct.

  • six levels for grades 1-6
  • flexible and adaptable – start using anytime in a variety of ministry settings
  • systematic, precept-on-precept curriculum
  • solid, content-based Bible lessons – no repeats
  • connects your ministry with parents and kids through our exclusive online website training tool. Learn more …

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