Why kids are precious in God’s sight

by DiscipleLand Staff Children's Ministry Curriculum, Children's Ministry Resources

DiscipleLand Note: The following is an advance paper for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism held in Cape Town 2010. It outlines the realities, needs, importance, and emerging trends of children’s ministry in the Body of Christ.

Suggested Use: encouragement for you, volunteers, staff and your church leadership.

Children are being reached from every angle by political parties, other faiths, secularism, corporations and a myriad of other causes. Above all, the children of the world need to know Jesus. They need to know the truth of His claims, to experience a personal relationship with Him and to be equipped to follow and serve Him throughout their lives. Read the rest of this entry »


Growing mighty oaks from little acorns

by DiscipleLand Staff Children's Ministry Curriculum, Children's Ministry Resources, Discipleship

Great things come from small beginnings.

Yep—I’m “seasoned” enough to be an eye-witness to much of what has taken place during the last 30 years of children’s ministry. Nope—this article is not about the history or “roots” of ministry to kids. That’s a topic for another day. Instead, I’d like to take a whack at the “roots” of “who we are”—our very identity.

Have you ever cut down a tree? Generally, it’s very easy to do—and plenty of fun. Just grab a sharp ax or chain saw—and the job is over in a few minutes. Watching a huge oak crash to the ground or splash into a river is thrilling! But have you ever taken the time to dig out the roots of that mighty oak tree? Generally, it’s a very difficult job—with plenty of headaches. I strongly suggest that you leave the roots in the ground to rot!

As I see it, the 21st century Church is ignoring a “root” problem that dramatically affects families and children’s ministry—we have lost our identity. We are experiencing significant breakdowns at the basic level of defining who we are and why we exist. To get the tree to produce healthy acorns (children) that can grow into a flourishing forest, we must first address and solve our identity crisis. It all boils down to three basic definitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Teach Kids the Real Thanksgiving Story

by DiscipleLand Staff Children's Ministry Curriculum, Children's Ministry Resources, Discipleship

Fresh baked pumpkin pie. Corn on the cob. Sweet potatoes. Green beans. Golden brown turkey. What a feast! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

How did this wonderful tradition begin?

The Biblical Basis of Thanksgiving

President Abraham Lincoln officially declared the last Thursday in November to be a national holiday for the purpose of giving thanks to God. Thanksgiving remains one of the most popular family traditions in the United States.

The Pilgrims Gave Thanks

Nearly 400 years ago (long before Lincoln’s 1863 declaration), devout Christians established the “feast of thanksgiving.” This hardy band of English settlers invited Native Americans from the region to join them in Plymouth for several days of feasting and celebration. Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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