5 Steps to Effective Children’s Ministry

Discipleship is a lifelong process, highly dependent upon God’s grace and the work of the Holy Spirit. We don’t “graduate” from God’s school of discipleship until we reach heaven. Yet, in His sovereignty, God invites us to partner with Him in Christian formation.

God compares the process of spiritual birth and growth to the labor pains a mother experiences in the delivery of her baby. Paul explains that he endured agonizing labor with the Galatian believers “…until Christ is formed in you” (4:19). “Formation” is from the Greek word morphe (to undergo transformation until the inner being is radically altered).

5 Steps to Effective Ministry

People often ask, “How do I begin the discipleship process with kids?” These five steps will help your children reach their potential as Jesus’ disciples:

Step 1: Pray for direction
Step 2: Determine where you are
Step 3: Decide where God wants you to go
Step 4: Establish a plan that shows how to get there
Step 5: Implement the plan—and don’t stop until you arrive at your destination!

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