7 Training Tips That Can Transform Your Ministry

Volunteer training is an important part of children’s ministry. Not only does instruction provide your workers with needed skills, but it also shows that you care by helping them realize God’s fullest potential. This helps keep workers motivated and involved.

7 Training Tips

1. Make training a Kingdom investment. Training takes time and resources, but view each session as a long-term investment in building Kingdom relationships. This will help keep workers motivated and involved.

2. Determine your needs. Numerous training programs are available. With today’s technology and with ever shrinking budgets, it helps to plan ahead. Think about your needs in light of God’s vision and mission. Consider what would best help your volunteers grow, not only in ministry skills, but also in Christ-likeness. Ask, “How will this training nurture and grow these workers in Christ’s image?”

3. Create a learning culture. The Greek word for “disciple” is mathetes. It simply means learner. By effectively and intentionally communicating your training plans, your team will grow in Christ-likeness, hone their skills, and help children become all that God wants them to become. Provide needed resources to help your volunteers accomplish the goals God has given you.

4. Get leadership involved. After you’ve developed a prioritized list of training topics and dates, get leadership and staff involved. Explain your plans during staff meetings or whenever you meet with your leadership. Afterwards provide regular updates, and share the results. Don’t forget to send training invitations to staff and leadership, too.

5. Begin small. Try specialized training “bites”. Take a specific area such as security or registration and go deeper during shorter training segments. Training does not have to be expensive or long-distance. Explore free online training venues. For example, DiscipleLand provides free training Webinars. Invite your workers to attend online training at their convenience.

6. Select top-notch trainers. The people and resources you choose to present the training will largely determine the success of your efforts. Experience and expertise make a huge difference! Be sure that your trainer is competent, compelling, and presents solutions to your team’s needs.

7. Keep it going & measure results. Organized, ongoing training programs will escalate your volunteers’ skill levels and continually motivate them to “improve their serve.” Before each session, don’t forget to determine how to measure the results of the training you provide. You’ll have an easier time budgeting funds for future training if you can demonstrate results.

Training Resources

In Step With The Master Teacher

This training resource from BCM International is the definitive tool for preparing and training teachers for children’s ministry. You’ll get 22 hours of biblical, integrated teacher training, including fully-scripted training notes, reproducible worksheets, and full-color visuals for printing or PowerPoint presentation. Learn more …

Your Training Remedy

This downloadable resource by Judy Wortley will help you develop a consistent and well-planned program of teacher training that will motivate, encourage, and inform your volunteers. Inspire teachers to be and do their best! Learn more …

Your Recruiting Remedy

You’ll discover field-tested recruiting strategies that really work! Take a fresh look at the recruiting process to find techniques that will help you succeed! A downloadable resource by Judy Wortley. Learn more …

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