Train Your Team: Recruit. Equip. Energize.

“As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10).

Contrary to popular opinion, most Christians are eager to serve Christ. Believers genuinely want to honor their Lord and to receive His words of affirmation, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21). Many individuals in your church are outwardly willing to use their gifts to shepherd and train your lambs—but others will occasionally need a “holy nudge” to stir up their passion for ministry.

One Minute-Motivators

Encouragement is the emotional and spiritual fuel that keeps you going when you’re ready to throw in the towel. God designed all human beings with a built-in need to be affirmed through encouraging words and actions. The following ideas from our free download Train Your Team will keep fresh fuel in the tanks of your volunteers!

Verbal Motivators

  • Make unannounced phone calls to your team. Simply saying how much you appreciate them is always a welcome surprise. Give volunteers a special blessing by taking a moment to pray for them while on the phone.
  • Pause at classroom doors and tell the workers how much you appreciate all they do for kids. (Encourage parents to do the same.)
  • Tell volunteers that you are praying for them. Invite your team to pass along their specific prayer requests.

Recruiting and Training Principles

Author Judy Wortley field-tested these strategies in local churches. They really work! As you follow the principles from her two books, you will soon see that recruiting and training volunteers need not be an ominous task. Get ready to experience victory in this essential area of ministry. Prepare your people to serve their Savior!

Your Recruiting Remedy

Take the Headache Out of Finding and Keeping Volunteers
Do you suffer from “Recruiter’s Headache”? Symptoms include arm twisting, begging, apologizing, flattering, bribing, and cajoling. Take a fresh look at the recruiting process to find techniques that will work for you! Here’s a sampling of practical ideas from the book that you can implement immediately. From our free download Train Your Team, here are three keys that will take your recruiting process to a new level:

1. Establish a Children’s Ministry Philosophy: Summarize your ministry purpose in one memorable sentence—a rally-cry for your volunteers, parents, and children.

2. Seek God’s Guidance Through Prayer: Expect the Lord to show you the exact person to fill a particular need. He is faithful to supply!

3. Enlist a Team of Recruiters: Recruitment is everybody’s job! Your entire staff will learn to identify those God is calling to serve. Learn More: Your Recruiting Remedy

Download your copy of Train Your Team

Your Training Remedy

Make the Most of Teacher Training
A consistent, well-planned training program is your most effective tool for motivating, encouraging, and informing volunteers. Avoid “burnout” and inspire teachers to be and do their best!

1. Discern What Your Teachers Need: Embrace these five purposes, and your training meetings will flourish: imparting vision, building a team, encouraging, socializing, and equipping. You’ll design such exciting meetings that your workers will look forward to each one!

2. Determine Your Approach: Your number one training goal is to give workers confidence to mentor children. Learn More: Your Training Remedy

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