Where are today’s Christian kids?

Once upon a time, Christian parents asked their children after church, “What did you learn about God?” Today, the question is often, “Did you have fun?”

Not too long ago, churches offered Bible training for all ages—wanting to fully equip children to serve Christ. Today, many churches offer high-energy, entertainment-based programs—wanting to keep kids happy and to make recruiting easy. Children rarely use their Bibles.

As a result, children today:

  • Know more about video games than they know about God
  • Love peer approval more than they love Jesus
  • Serve themselves before they consider the needs of others.

In this generation as never before, cultural gravity relentlessly pulls Christian children down—and they are drowning. Statistics warn us that eight out of every ten Christian kids are drinking in the world’s value system. Nearly 80% of our children leave the church by the time they complete high school.

This problem is magnified today because the world’s value system is “post-Christian.” Fifty years ago, the church and western culture were sailing in the same direction. The Ten Commandments were respected and cherished across our society. Lying, cheating, stealing, and infidelity were universally recognized as wrong. Nations possessed a code of values that were based on solid moral footings. This, of course, is said to be passé! Our society no longer reflects a Biblical world-view. Western culture has reversed its direction, charting a course that openly opposes Christian interests.

Now, as churches and parents, we have lost sight of our educational moorings. We’re adrift at sea and not sure which harbor is home. As a direct result, most Christian kids today have no foundation. We’re raising a generation of children who have missed out on essential Bible training. When the world comes calling, many fall prey to dubious activities and deceptive philosophies. It is only natural that children who have routinely swallowed teaching about relativism and tolerance have little regard for moral absolutes. They turn away from their Christian roots and step off the gangplank into uncertain seas.

Discipleship is the one thing that kids really need. To navigate the turbulent seas and reach the spiritual harbors that God intends, kids need a firm foundation in God’s Word. They need help to grow into solid disciples of Jesus Christ. They need our help.

Discipleship Begins With Our Children

DiscipleLand’s family of Biblical resources forms a complete Children’s Discipleship System™ – an intentional, relational, and transformational process designed to help children know God intimately, love Him passionately, and to serve Him selflessly.

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