Kids need this biblical diet

Before facing Goliath, David carefully selected five smooth stones. It is time for churches to address a giant problem—

My grandfather was quite a character. Born in 1906, he spent his entire life on the same Midwest farm. In fact, he died in the same room in which he was born! Grandpa went to his grave firmly convinced that the earth was flat. He told me that if the earth were round, “people on the other side would fall off.” When I tried to explain that gravity exerts an invisible force that holds objects to the earth’s surface, he laughed at my logic. He was in complete denial.

Many churches are in denial about the current crisis of biblical illiteracy. Their view of the situation is severely distorted. To them, biblical illiteracy is just one of the church’s many shortcomings that need a few minor adjustments. It seems no more significant than a slight change in the price of gasoline. They’re wrong – biblical illiteracy has far more serious side effects.

Cultural Instability
Biblical illiteracy is the most dangerous threat to the viability of the Church in America. Do I really mean that? Yes, I absolutely do—and here’s why—God has established His Word as a cultural watershed. Once the Bible has been removed from the heart and mind of a person or a civilization, collapse is imminent. Our postmodern culture is gravely ignorant of God’s thoughts and the Bible’s wisdom. Our churches are largely impotent. Our society is therefore at risk. The walls of protection are crumbling. It is time to rebuild—stone-by-stone—using the reinforcing precepts found in … Download This Entire Free Teacher Resource


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