Summit: Large Group/Small Group Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Summit is a 100% downloadable, adventure-based, God-centered, large group/small group children’s ministry curriculum. Summit helps kids, parents, and leaders grow in Christ-likeness.

Children experience God’s Word in the large group setting in a fun and unique way. Then they gather together in small groups. In the small groups, kids learn to love God and one another. Having large and small groups using a creative, proven, discipleship-based curriculum is life transforming. What’s more, finding and keeping volunteers is much easier. Small group leader lesson prep takes just a few minutes each week. Building relationships with God and others is the priority. Available in 12 or 48-lesson bundles. Great when you have multi-age kids (ages 6-12) gathered together.

“Summit gives children a strong foundation to stand on. It’s a great resource to teach children the Bible. It’s fun, relational, and most importantly, trains them up as disciples for Christ. Teachers love it because it’s 100% downloadable. The parent materials help equip the entire family. Summit gives churches around the world the resources to impact the world for Christ.” -Roxie Sharp, Director of Children’s Ministries, Calvary Albuquerque

•Focus: God’s Word. Building relationships with God and others.
•Age Levels: 1st-6th Grade (ages 6-12)
•Format: Interactive “learning through doing” mentoring large group/small group
•Space: Typically one or two rooms (works well when space is limited – adaptable to any size group)
•Denominational-based Curriculum?: No, kids and teachers use their own Bibles
•Scope & Sequence: 6 Years (no repeats during 6 year cycle)
•Length: 50-70 minutes
•Teacher/Student Workbooks?: Yes, digital large group leader guides (downloadable, reproducible)
•Reusable Teacher Workbooks?: Yes, digital small group leader guides (downloadable, reproducible)
•Reusable Student Workbooks?: Yes, digital (printed student guidebooks also available), (downloadable/reproducible student worksheets)
•Family Aspect?: Yes, involves parents and encourages whole family interaction
•Supplementary Resources?: Yes (digital eBook format available, printed student Guidebooks, optional awards program and 100+ FREE achievement projects)
•Pricing: One price regardless of class size. Quarterly and annual bundles for all group sizes and budgets.
•BONUS: Order today and get a FREE print version of the Guidebook AND an awards packet!

Want to try before you buy? Get 4 Free Sample Lessons Click Here

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SUMMIT eBook Editions Now Available! Supplement your SUMMIT Bundle with a Digital PDF eBook version. Provides the ability to add notes, annotations, customize, search, read, print, and share content easily. Keep volunteers and parents up-to-date using email, downloads, or by printing lessons. SUMMIT PDF eBooks are identical to the printed Guidebook versions (resized to 8.5×11 for best viewing/printing). The entire Guidebook can viewed on your computer, smartphone or tablet from home, work or church. Learn More About SUMMIT PDF eBook Editions


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