From Chuck: My role at DiscipleLand

by DiscipleLand Staff Discipleship

I was hired in 2001, just two years after DiscipleLand first started selling its products. My role is to manage all of the Finance and Accounting activities of the business. I also answer the phone on occasion, as do most of the people who work here. I enjoy that part of the job as it keeps me in touch with our customers. Most of my time is spent doing the usual accounting functions. I do the Payroll, Financial Statements, Taxes, and all the processing of paper that goes with that. My favorite part of work is getting to participate in the strategic planning, budgeting and general management of the company. It is a wonderful place to work and the people here are truly extraordinary. We operate very effectively together as a team and have good relationships.

I also manage the print buying and inventory, so when we are out of something its usually my fault. Trying to guess how much to print is a huge challenge and has to take many factors into consideration. Of course we try to get the best prices, but quality is important too. We also have to fix minor typos and keep the product updated and since we are not “dated” like most curriculums we have to have everything in stock all the time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet Chuck: CFO for DiscipleLand

by DiscipleLand Staff Discipleship

This post is my first for DiscipleLand. I am fortunate to be both the accountant (CFO) for DiscipleLand and one of the people who gets to answer the phone.  This customer service aspect of the job is a good way for me to stay in tune with our customers and our products.  In fact many of the top business consulting gurus recommend the practice of having senior management answer customer calls.  It is a very good policy.  If your company doesn’t do it, you are missing out on some vital business intelligence and exposure to the real front lines of your business for management.

My business background is as an accountant for two very large companies, Gulf+Western and McDonnell Douglas in southern California.  In 1993 I moved my family to Fort Collins and became a Colorado CPA.  I worked in public accounting for seven years and started here at DL in 2001 about two weeks before 9/11.  I received an AA in business from Orange Coast College then a BS from California State University, Long Beach and finally my MBA from Pepperdine University.  McDonnell Douglas was kind enough to pay for the MBA.  I also have been a part time (Adjunct) Faculty member at Regis University, Colorado Christian University and Front Range Community College for about 15 years.  Learning is a passion of mine and teaching is the best way to learn.  I have taught about 70 different Accounting, Finance, Math and Statistics classes during these 15 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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