A Father’s Perspective on Christmas

markEach Christmas, many pastors try to view the incarnation from a fresh perspective. The shepherds, the angels, the innkeeper, Mary, and Joseph all had unique vantage points from which to consider this amazing event. This year I have been thinking about the Heavenly Father’s perspective. When His Son was delivered from Mary’s womb, was He as excited as a human Dad? Did He eagerly hand out cigars to the heavenly host?

As a four-time father, I marveled at the birth of each child. When Meredith, our firstborn arrived (26 years ago), I was struck by an overwhelming sense of joy. I had never experienced such a profound upwelling in my soul.

Luke 2:14 hints that God felt incomparable joy when His Son came into the world. He was truly ecstatic! May we also reflect the Lord’s joy throughout this holiday season.

Warmest Christmas greetings to you-from the entire DiscipleLand team.

Mark Steiner

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