Summer, children and the glory of God.

Summer is here. The kids are at home. Now what?

Kids Need Work

(Ecclesiastes 2:24-25; Colossians 3:23-24)
Motivating kids can be a chore in itself! Here are a handful of helpful and practical ideas for getting your kids to help with chores—at church or around the house. Pass them along to all your parents.

Set The Stage

Children ask, “It’s summer. Why work so hard?” Some kids question the value of hard work. Many adopt the attitude that work should be avoided. Peers make fun of students who put forth their best efforts. They ridicule or trivialize exceptional performances.

From the very beginning, God gave Adam a job—to cultivate the Garden (Genesis 2:15). Kids need to understand that work is a gift from God and can be a source of satisfaction and joy. God gives skills to each person and wants us to develop those abilities to serve Him and others. God created work; He blesses those who show diligence in their work.

What You Can Do

Maintain a positive attitude about work. Help children view work as a divinely appointed task for God’s eternal glory (Revelation 14:13). As you assign chores and give children responsibilities, encourage them to work hard. Work is honorable. With the exception of salvation, almost nothing of lasting value comes easy or free.

4 Practical Ideas: plus free resource

  1. Sit down with your kids and provide a Biblical overview of work from God’s perspective. (Use the ideas above.)
  2. Write Colossians 3:23 out and memorize it together: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” This verse will encourage everyone to push beyond mediocrity.
  3. Free Resource: Create a summer chore chart. Download and customize our free “Summer Chore Chart” (for children of various ages). Forward this chart to all your parents. Encourage them to customize it, print it out, and hang it on the fridge. To keep things fresh, have parents reassign chores every few weeks.
  4. Encourage parents to attach “rewards” for chores that kids perform regularly and well.

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