Real vs. Cartoons

One of the features of DiscipleLand Bible Curriculum that we often get positive feedback on is the Bible Pictures that are an integral part of the material. In addition to the full color Bible pages DiscipleLand also offers coloring versions of much of the art.

Just this week we got the following e-mail from Karen in response to a download error she found on our site that we quickly fixed:

You guys are great. We really enjoy the material. I especially appreciate your use of pictures that look like real people to communicate the real message of the Bible rather than using cartoon characters.

I’m amazed at the speed with which you were able to get the correction online and your devotion to quality in your product. It reflects the character of Christ in how you handle your business.

May you know the Lord’s blessing as you minister to those of us who minister to these precious little ones.


The coloring sheets Karen referred to can be seen here. Or, you can download a full size PDF here: coloringpageexample

For more free downloads and sample you can visit the Free Downloads area of

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