Kids Need to Serve

The Situation: Adults wonder, “Why are many children spoiled?” Children are selfish by nature. They enjoy the limelight. They like to receive gifts. They have learned to expect much from others. Children become so accustomed to having their needs met that they rarely think about serving others.

The Solution: Becoming a Christian is a selfish act. We need forgiveness-and Jesus Christ is the only source. Christian conduct, however, ought to reflect selflessness. Christians live as Christ lived-for others. We can freely give because Jesus has promised to meet our every need. In addition, the Holy Spirit empowers us and distributes spiritual gifts for us to serve others.

What You Can Do: Honestly appraise your child’s tendency toward selfishness. Model servanthood. Don’t let your child selfishly take advantage of people who do not expect them to reciprocate. Use your time, talents, and treasures to serve others together.

(Matthew 25:35-40; Philippians 2:3-4; 1 Peter 4:10)

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