ABCs of Family Discipleship—Join God’s People

Discipleship Truth: When Jesus Christ came to earth, He set aside divinity to embrace humanity. Though He was Lord and Master, Jesus willingly became a servant. Christ enjoyed serving and associating with all types of people. He showed His followers how to be selfless and humble. Fifty days after Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to knit His followers together into a sacred assembly—the Church (Acts 2:42-47).

True Story: The Keens and the Brayers lived five houses apart. The ages of the children in each family overlapped, so each child had a buddy to play with. The Keens had recently moved to town and were hungry to find good, solid families to walk through daily life together. The Brayers were involved in a local church, so the Keens eagerly jumped in: attending worship services, small groups, and helping with outreach events.

The two oldest boys soon became inseparable. They both received long-range walkie-talkies for Christmas, making it possible to talk from their bedrooms. Melissa Keen enjoyed hearing her son whispering, “Are you there? (static) Over! (static)” into the walkie-talkie.

After church each week, the sons would typically beg to hang out; they might end up climbing trees, battling each other via video games, or “inventing” new contraptions. For both boys the friendship grew increasingly rich and meaningful. They walked through fun times, hurt feelings, school trips, mission trips, and weekly church events. The families could not imagine life without the other. The marriage and parenting support became invaluable through the normal ups and downs of ministry and life!

Every family needs close friendships like this within the church. Unfortunately, they are not often easy to find, so pray for them! Seek ways to integrate your lives with other families. Look for opportunities to get involved together within church service areas. Children who observe life in community with God’s people will pass this rich relational experience to the next generation!

Action Step: The believers in your local church assembly are “one body.” You belong together. Church activities provide opportunities to worship, fellowship, grow, and serve. Encourage your child to form strong friendships at church. Look for ways to serve Christ by participating in church ministries with other families and individuals.



Portions of this article taken from the ABCs of Family Discipleship booklet, available here.

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