Are Dads Listening to God?

Two weeks ago I conducted a DiscipleLand Academy in the Seattle area. The pastor was very gracious and invited me to preach in the morning services. When I went to the platform for the second service I noticed a family, probably from Pakistan, with three young, well behaved children sitting in the front row. I reminded everyone that the morning message was an introduction to the afternoon parent seminar titled “Equipping Parents to be the Spiritual Leaders in the Home.” My scripture passages that morning were verses from Deuteronomy: 4 & 6 and Ephesians 6:1-4. The main point of the message was that God’s plan for family gives dads the primary responsibility to be the spiritual leaders for their children.

The family joined us for lunch, took their children to child care and came into the  parenting seminar. As I talked about the various activities parents can use to help their children become disciples, I noticed the dad listening intently. At the end of the day the children’s pastor came to close the meeting and this dad raised his hand and asked if he could say something. He said “I’m a visitor today. We were part of a local church for eight years, but have not been in church since last June. This morning I told my family to get ready to go to church. Their response was ‘why?’ I told them we need to go.” He then said

I wasn’t sure where to go and I turned into the driveway of this church. It was God’s plan and I want you to know that my life and my family will never be the same. I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me today.

Yes, there are dads listening to God and He is communicating with them. Thank God for an obedient dad who listened and followed His leading.

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